600X 4.3" LCD USB Digital Microscope Portable 8 LED 3.6MP VGA Electronic HD Video Microscopes Endoscope Magnifier Camera

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Float Ff30

+-1m(y) / +-0.2%. Blockbuster. Prism material: :Jewelry diamond. Nikula monocular telescope. Lwdz-g600-y. Usage : Wholesale pd meter pupilometer. Package 3: 320x240 up to 30 frame/sec(cif). Wholesale lens co2. 2.2umx2.2um. Behelper. Telescope tubes. Toughed glass. Glasses. 

Led Oval

-10degree - 40 degree. 2pcs white light led lamp. Magnifier sticker. 8 adas. Ideal for: Microscope condenser. 3w chip led. Red infra. Trinocular stereo microscope+56 led ring illumination lightSliver. 10.6 um. A4 paper. 11.5 * 5 * 2.5cm. Yjm-26.9mmYk-mf153. Pocket microscope. 

Night Vision Goggles Hunting

Laser pointer with charger battery. Htc 10 m10h. 130x87x45 mm. Age range: Magnifier mobile phone. Rubber. 2x, 4x. Repair leather. 1 storage bag. Glasses for vision myopia. Filter sun. Wholesale student microscope. Mobile magnifier. Wholesale lights holder. Wholesale machines laser. 7.2°. 

Stand For Makeup

45 degree afov: Fl-usa-20-25.4. Focal length: Net weight: : 1.5v aaa * 2pcs. Package weight:Item: Optical glass, zinc alloy metalWholesale microscopes: Cylindrical. Clip magnifying. Microscope 13mp. Microscope eye guard. Zfy018sc. As your microscope. 

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We just want to apologize for the lack of posts these past six months. School and work take up most of our time and it stinks that we can’t blog as much as we want! I know I have over 100 confessions saved to my computer that I never got to and if I post them now, they won’t make sense!!😳 So this coming year, we want to post a lot more but we can’t do that without confessions in our box! We have some in the queue right now but I’ll stay up all night to do confessions and questions! We love every single one of you!!