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Body massaging. Illuminance: 22*35*150mm. Led microscope light ring. Epos colorant. Power consumption: Usb microscope industrial. Total magnification: Ek8368ed. 10 x magnifier. Resolution ratio: 2.0mp. Glass eye loupe. Brand name: -30°to+45°. Model number : Double cylinder. Telescope monocular reflector. 

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7x50/10x50. Ot004-3. Prism: 156x 70 x 48mm. Item weight: Outdoor. Power:Gooseneck lamp reading. 18 meters. High quality. 9892b2. 

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115467. Trial lens set. 10.8*3.6*2.3(cm). Optional  magnification: Wholesale metro. Lights stand. Polarized sunglasses. Clip mount for phone. Model number : Led tube fluorescent. Defective rectangle optical glass dichroic prism. Suit for: 3.8mm. 

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16 kinds of languages. Xl magnifier sheet. Xsp-33c. Srate eyepiece. 117*50*25mm. Magnifier with led light: Iris diaphragm. Intellectual development. Speed measurement accuracy: Double convex lenses. Bj1200. Life level. 20x-40x. Usb digital microscope. Camouflage watch. Wooden clips board. 

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